Tuesday, 29 September 2020


Are you thinking about replacing the carpet in your house with hardwood floors? Think about the natural beauty and warmth of oak wood as your new flooring option. In a recent survey of designers throughout the country, Oak came out along with the favorite of 43% of them. At East London Floor Sanding, you'll see wide variety and choice of oak floors that will produce a wonderful impression when you enter a space. Let's wood flooring firm explain for you why oak is the ideal decision to use when deciding which wood flooring to use in regions of your residence.

Wood flooring is a commonly chosen as an upgrade from carpet that visually expands the size of a space and provides an increased value to your house if you need to sell your home in the future. Oak flooring, with its fine grain finish, has a timeless quality that is free to any design or motif currently within your house. Its clean and durability lines also make it an perfect selection for virtually any size home.

There are many Advantages of oak floors, including that they:

  • Are eco-friendly
  • Have a thermal insulator
  • Reduce heating prices
  • Are easy to Keep and wash
  • Have a lengthy lifespan
  • Are durable and easy to restore

Oak is an eco friendly sustainable timber using a carbon footprint that's less that other kinds of flooring choices. This variable is important when choosing which kind of wood to put in in your property.

Highly resistant to moisture and simple to blot, bamboo is a favorite option for a durable good wood surface using a very long lifespan. A favorite option for musicians, this floor will add thickness to the acoustics of a space, is quite comfortable under foot, also provides a lovely aroma into a room.

Oak floors is a wonderful choice to use in any or all the rooms in your house. East London Floor Sanding is a pioneer of hardwood, tile, and vinyl floors. Contact us now at 020 3151 7579 To talk about the wide variety of selections and styles for your home's flooring update!

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