Wednesday, 20 March 2019

The Health Benefits of Hardwood Floors

The dry climate, along with the panoramic views of the Rockies create hardwood flooring a natural choice for those across the East London who enjoy their house to include a bit of the rustic, while maintaining a sense of elegance and style. But, aside from looking amazing and giving your house a pleasing aesthetic, what are some of the other benefits of using hardwood floors? Now we here at East London Floor Sanding will talk about the health advantages of using hardwood floors within carpeting.

  • Allergens: Among the biggest categories when it comes to the health of your home is the presence of allergens. Anyone in your home who's vulnerable to allergies understands the daily battle of dealing with the moist springs, in addition to the autumn harvests. These times of year make those with seasonal allergies purchasing cells and eye drops in mass. In case you have carpeting, a number of these allergens -- such as pollen, pet dander, and other foreign particles -- find their way in your carpeting, and the padding underneath. With hardwood flooring, there are no gloves and fibers for the allergens to build up.

  • Dust mites: Dust mites May be the worst of All allergenic culprits. They sit on your own carpet and feed off the dust and other germs which get dusted up each time you walk across the room. Even vacuuming can't come close to removing all the microscopic particles living in your mountainous regions. Winters in houses with carpeting have a tendency to take the seasonal allergies together, because the cause of the allergies has never gone away. With hardwood floors, there's no place for those harmful pollutants to float in and multiply.

  • Ease of Cleaning & Disinfecting: Carpet is next to impossible to ever be considered truly'clean' The very nature of carpeting -- being underfoot and supplying two to three layers of

    potential build up -- means it will be the surface to collect and redistribute the most damaging substances in your house. Nearly all the time the allergens and other particles are simply being moved from room to room, and from person to person. Hardwood, in contrast, makes it effortless to see if there are any larger particles left over after crossing. Hardwood flooring can then be disinfected with relative ease, for hours, or perhaps days of cleaner house living.

Carpet Consists of synthetic fibers.
Solvents, polymers, and sealers used in the production of synthetic carpets can leave behind unpleasant residues. These may leach to the baseboards of your house and create slow-building patches of harmful chemicals. Hardwood is a naturally produced merchandise without using artificial methods. If You'd like to improve the health of your home and family (not to mention the resale value), touch East London Floor Sanding now at 020 3151 7579 To get a free quote.

Friday, 1 February 2019

2019 Trending Wood Flooring Types

You've got so many choices these days when it comes to hardwood flooring. Traditional,"fresh" hardwood floors is outside, and a few new personalities have joined the celebration.

As you have may have seen, we are steering away from the glossy and glistening and trending towards hot, inviting appearances with lots of personality . Think: picking your grandma's mac and cheese above caviar. Additionally, you must always pick the mac and cheese.

You'll observe a push for remaining local and utilizing recycled materials. Homeowners are actually beginning to note the sorts of materials they are using and picking their floors so.