Thursday, 25 February 2021

Protecting Your Wood Floor From Everyday Wear and Tear

There is nothing more irritating than just installing a gorgeous, new hardwood flooring, only to discover that it has become damaged either by accident or through general wear and tear. So what can you do to protect your wood floor from daily wear and tear?

Here are our Best Tips:

1.Doormats.Purchasing quality doormats is a fantastic way of preventing scuffs, scratches and general wear and tear on your floor. Ideally you should aim to have an outdoor doormat that's tough enough to lift off the worst of the muck and dirt which we pick up on our shoes day-in and day-out. Then, ideally you should target to get a large, soft doormat interior of your hall which will be sure that shoes are pretty much dry before they reach your wood flooring. If you can, aim to have a doormat that is long, so that if people do not stop to wipe their feet, then the pure act of walking round the mat will lift a good amount of the remaining debris that can play havoc with your flooring. Alternately, if you're really strict or brave, you could of course make your home a shoe-free zone!

2.Rugs. Rugs don't only add colour and appeal to your inside; they behave as a great method of guarding your hardwood flooring. Opt for the best quality rugs your budget will allow and be certain that you pick a rug that doesn't have a rubberized backing since rubber will permeate your flooring and stop it from being able to breathe. Choose natural materials and if needs be apply anti slip strips or patches to the under side of your rug to prevent it sliding on your floor.

3.Pets.Antiques can play havoc with wood flooring if they are not managed properly. Making sure your pet's claws are regularly clipped and they're dried off before entrance into your house are two easy steps which will maintain your hardwood flooring protected on a day-to-day basis. Beyond that, making sure that any small"accidents" are cleaned up immediately will help prevent the risk of deep down stains.

4.Floor protections for furnishings. Most furnishing that comes into contact with your hardwood flooring has the capability to cause harm. In order to prevent dents, chips and breaks in your floor caused by furnishings, it's important to utilize furniture protectors wherever you can. Furniture protections come in a range of options and cost very little. Pick from self-adhesive felt-pad options or cups, whichever matches your specific items of furniture best of all.

5.Preventative Care. One of the big attractions of wood flooring is how simple it's to keep . On an ongoing basis, a quick run around with a vacuum cleaner and a mild mop will do just fine. What's more, unless your flooring is really grubby, you need to be able to eliminate mopping with only water and you will not even need detergent.

These are just some of the ways that you may help lengthen the life span of your hardwood flooring in addition to keeping it looking good for longer. Like many things in life, when it comes to wood flooring, avoidance is not only simpler, but more effective than cure, so it really is worth making the effort.