Monday, 10 December 2018


If you're considering altering the appearance of your house then a fantastic place to start is with the flooring. Your choice of flooring is the trick to pulling together a complete look and is the thing which will give a room a certain ambience and a style that's all your own.
And what better choice can there be than oak wood floor to create an instant impression? Oak is a wood which has been a favorite selection for craftsmen in several different genres centuries and that is because oak is not just incredibly durable but is a really attractive wood having a look that improves with age. Oak wood has a certain grain that is extremely agreeable and functional for floors that could define the look of a room immediately. Oak Wood Flooring is a timeless, trendy, welcoming, and lovely. And on top of that it's hard-wearing and durable so it's perfect for any room in the house including rooms which experience high footfall.


The grain and structure of oak means it lends itself well to colour and texture. This implies there's a good range of different shades of oak to suit every room and every preference and everything you choose will only be beautiful as the colour becomes wealthier through the years. Whether your preference is for an extremely light, almost white wood or the darkest and most opulent of shades you'll be able to discover an oak wood floor to fit your style in addition to your budget. Additionally, oak comes in a variety of oiled, lacquered or waxed finishes to offer you even greater choice.

Whether your own personal preference is for contemporary or traditional antique, oak, with its high quality, classic look is the best way to go.

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Thursday, 22 November 2018


If you're looking to sell your house, it's normal for you to wish to try and maximise its worth. Home ought to be regarded as a long term investment, and you should be doing everything you can to make certain that if you do choose to sell, you'll get the very best price possible for your home. With that in mind, here are five steps you can take to increase the value of your home.


At a time of rising energy bills, double glazing is regarded as a significant benefit and even occasionally a deal breaker for most people looking to purchase a new residence. If you can not fit double glazing, look at having secondary glazing fitted within your existing windows instead, as this will still add some value.


Adding additional living space for your home is an excellent way to increase its value, but sometimes an extension wouldn't really be practical. In such situations, it's far better to convert a fresh space you currently have, like a loft. Everything you convert the space into is entirely up to you - you could make it into an extra bedroom, a second lounge, a games room, whatever you like!


Often overlooked, the bathroom is becoming an increasingly significant room for those looking at new homes. Nobody wants to move to a house and need to replace the restroom straight off, so either upgrading or replacing your existing one will add value to your house and make it a lot easier to sell. In case you have space, then you might also look at adding an en suite bathroom to one of your bedrooms.


Firstly, if there are any slight problems you really have been putting off fixing, it's vital that you have
them sorted before placing your home up for sale -- this might be torn wallpaper, leaky faucets or any other maintenance tasks. To go one step further you can redecorate either a set space or your whole home. You'd be surprised at the effect a lick of paint could have!


We couldn't write a post about adding value to your house without mentioning hardwood flooring! Recent decades have seen hardwood floors increase in popularity, and it is becoming a must-have for a lot of people looking for a new home. With so many distinct kinds of wood available for your floor, there's something to suit every home and taste!

Friday, 19 October 2018


The requirement for hardwood flooring is rising day by day. Hardwood floors give your house an elegant and classy look. Many people are opting for hardwood floors to give their house décor a unique look. So are you planning to put in hardwood floors in your houses?

The first thing you should do is collect all of the information on hardwood flooring. This will include installation tips, types of hardwood flooring available, which one will suit your house the best and also the care and maintenance of hardwood floors. Virtually all companies provide their consumers with all the essential information on the finishes, installation procedures, types, cutting and maintenance etc..

Hardwood flooring can improve the appearance of your home only if it's installed correctly. So hiring professionals to perform the installation job would be the suitable choice. They help in installing the floors efficiently and provide all of the essential information and details to prevent them from becoming damaged.

However, before you begin the installation procedure, make sure that you decide the location that you want to install the flooring, the materials, price and other variables in the marketplace. Take advice from your friends about any professional installer accessible or search online.

Hardwood flooring deserve the very best. Hire the very best professional to install them absolutely to make them last long.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018


Wood flooring is among the greatest considerations for those who confront problems with worn out carpets. Wood flooring is the sturdiest form of flooring and is more permanent and less problematic than other sorts of flooring. Wood flooring has a variety of variations to consider. You may choose from wood substance to timber design and also select from the different types of wood flooring.

Wood floors is made offered in a number of colors, cuts and different styles for you to pick from. The wood choices range from bamboo, walnut, pine and even cork. Wooden floors do not collect dirt like how carpets do. It's very sterile and environment friendly also.

There are various styles of hardwood floors an individual can choose from. Parquet wooden flooring can be assembled in bits and so give you choices for different patterns and customised designs. Plank hardwood floors and strip hardwood flooring are also options worth considering.

Wooden flooring also has different kinds of construction which determine the look of your floors. Engineered hardwood floors is seen among the most durable types because its timber grains are broadly divergent. Wooden flooring is also suitable for commercial usage. Solid wood flooring is also a good choice if you are searching for depth of wood.

Lastly, wood floor cuts also play a fairly substantial role in giving that warm tone to your hardwood floors. Quarter sawn is a popular form of wood floor cuttingedge.

Thursday, 20 September 2018


If you're aware about looking after the environment and would like to do your bit to save the world, you could consider having hardwood floors put down into your home.

Hardwood flooring is extremely sustainable and also as being durable and durable, all of the wood that is employed for the hardwood flooring is from a sustainable source. Hardwood flooring can endure for a number of years won't impact significantly on the environment. As well as looking extremely beautiful once it's been laid in your house, it will also help to insulate the flooring in your house and decrease your home's carbon emissions.

Everyone is talking about climate change and how we could enhance how we live and by making our homes more sustainable through altering how we use water, how we provide our houses as well as the stuff we use within it, we can help.

There are various types of wood you can pick from when it comes to your hardwood flooring and each has their own personal quirks. You'll have to select carefully before settling on the wood to your hardwood floors.

Monday, 11 June 2018


Even though fiscal times are extremely tough at the moment, the huge majority of homeowners still aren't ready to allow inside décor standards slide, and since there are so many incredibly inexpensive methods of improving the house, there is no reason why any homeowner should allow this to take place.

Over the last few decades, the installation of hardwood flooring has emerged as one of the most well-known methods for homeowners to improve the expression of their house, and it's very easy to see why.

One characteristic of hardwood floors which has no doubt helped to raise the popularity of hardwood flooring is the fact that it actually does look great anywhere- from enormous detached houses to small studio apartments. It's a universal floor solution.

The popularity of hardwood floors has no doubt been further boosted by the fact that it is quick and simple to keep - and - looking after floors certainly shouldn't take much longer than appearing after rugs.

Further adding to popularity is the fact that there are now so many different types of hardwood flooring accessible today - every homeowner wants to relish choice. Wooden flooring in different designs and colors are readily available- there is flooring for every single modern and traditional home.

Thursday, 26 April 2018


Bamboo can be an incredible alternative for your homes floor. What many don't realize is that bamboo is a grass, not a tree. This usually means that its finished appearance is quite distinctive. The cause of this distinctive look is that the eye-catching design of slightly darker rings produced by its own nodes, a feature that certainly sets it apart from timber. Bamboo has just become one of the trendiest choices in flooring. There might be many reasons for this prevalence but among the best is its environmental advantages.

Bamboo can grow up to 47 inches in 24 hours and 78 1/2 feet in 40 to 50 times and it just takes about 3 to five years to get bamboo to reach whole maturity. Conventional hardwoods may take 20 - 120 years to grow. Bamboo can be harvested without the need to replant because the root system is left intact once it is harvested. The root structure has the capability to hold the dirt in place preventing erosion. Surprisingly bamboo is really stronger than most hardwoods; a few species of bamboo have obtained Janka hardness ratings higher than Maple and nearly double that of Red Oak. Bamboo is also quite resilient and may take a greater impact than many hardwoods without denting.

Our bamboo floor is offered in a light all-natural colour, or in darker shades depending on what you
need. You have far more options in pine than you may realize. Carbonization is a production process which subjects the bamboo to steam and pressure. This causes the darkening of the glucose content in its own fibers leading to a honey brown color. The colors of this color are contingent on the length of the process. It is possible to further improve the final product by the various planking structures. You can choose vertical, horizontal, solid strand and engineered woven. Much like hardwoods, bamboo floors are cut into planks so that you may vary the length and width of the cut to achieve several appearances. Create A wide open space with lengthy, broad cuts, or produce striking patterns using short, thin cuts.

If you're worried about the maintenance of a bamboo floor, don't be. The very best approach to maintain the end is with regular vacuuming and sweeping with a soft bristle attachment which will keep the dirt from wearing the floor surface. We also advise using a microfiber mop head; this will give you an wonderful clean that dries fast. The most essential thing is to avoid leaving streaks or detergent residue buildup in the bamboo flooring. This can be avoided by selecting the suitable detergent. Don't be afraid to inquire Winston or among  East London Floor Sanding other knowledgeable staff members. We can make certain you have the right cleaner to your new beautiful bamboo floor.

Everyone wants to jump on the conservation bandwagon. In our hearts we all want to do the best thing we can for our planet. It may be one thing to recycle a soda can, be sure were recycling our cardboard, as well as driving the most recent hybrid automobile. However we can think of no greater way to help our surroundings than by beautifying our homes with some of the best flooring material available.

Friday, 30 March 2018

The Basics of Hardwood Flooring Patterns

Once you've determined the substance and colour to your new hardwood flooring, your next consideration will be the installation floor pattern. Hardwood flooring may arrive in a couple of different patterns which may alter the form of your floor and affect the options of your furniture placement. A specialist hardwood flooring contractor can help you pick the best option among those patterns for your own floor and needs, but here are five of those fundamental routines out there.

1. Straight

Straight flooring is the most widely used flooring pattern, primarily as it's the easiest and least expensive to install. The wood planks are installed parallel to each other along the width or length of the floor. Both classic and contemporary designs can be produced with this particular pattern.

2. Random

Random patterned flooring are set up in much the exact same manner as directly patterned floors. The boards are installed along the width or length of the floor. The difference between these is while direct patterns utilize boards of the exact same width, arbitrary patterns use a mixture of planks of different lengths. This gives a room a more rustic appearance and is much more customizable than the right pattern.

3. Diagonal

To get a more unique and luxury flooring layout, consider a design layout. The planks are installed
parallel to each other as in a standard straight layout, but they're placed in a 45 degree angle into the wall. This may have a striking visual effect and is very good for homeowners who are inclined to believe just a bit outside the box.

4. Parquet

If you are an NBA fan, you will undoubtedly recognize the distinctive parquet routine from the court of the Boston Celtics team. In this installation, the flooring planks are put in a repeated geometric pattern, giving the flooring the appearance of a checkerboard.

5. Herringbone

Another distinctive floor pattern is that the herringbone design, where the strips of wood are laid in a zig-zag pattern that resembles twilled fabric.

Monday, 22 January 2018

Parquet floors are timeless and stylish!

Parquet flooring offers a timeless quality floor that guarantees lasting appeal. Our craftsmen who specialise in parquet flooring restoration can create floors like new one.

Parquet flooring is very hardwearing and is therefore suitable for commercial use - often found in schools, museums, churches, restaurants, gyms, dance halls and many other public places. Parquet flooring is also a popular choice for many residential homes creating style and durability.

Different timbers ranging in colour and grain can be used for the blocks that make up the parquet flooring and these include those such as oak, merbau, sapele, walnut, cherry, maple and pine. The higher quality and more expensive parquet flooring is likely to be made from a wood such as mahogany which once laid will produce beautiful parquet floors.

Parquet floors are also often found in bedrooms and hallways. They are often considered better than some other floor types since they feel warmer underfoot. Parquet flooring can be installed with under-floor heating in the correct conditions.

Parquet wood flooring is a good choice if you are looking for a reasonably affordable flooring option in the long term. Parquet floors are usually long lasting and require simple maintenance. Parquet wood flooring may be brushed clean with a soft brush, and damp mopped with a neutral detergent when necessary to keep the floor clean.